We help develop relevant, competitive, and healthy cultures based on more human, social, and planet-friendly purposes. We build brand value.

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Diagnosis and Strategy

We analyze the organizations’ communications and culture to help them thrive.

  • We identify focal points in order to understand the organizational culture, characteristics of communication, and leadership styles they have and they aim at.
  • We develop scalable transformation plans using agile dynamics with short, medium, and long-term outcomes.
  • We create strong alliances with different publics so that thriving could be easier and more sustainable than ever

Cultural change

We seek to achieve significant transformations in the business model, we integrate agile and diverse cultures.

  • We introduce changes within the organizational structure and pave the way for relevant technological implementations 
  • We design and manage agile communications projects to encourage cultural change and quickly achieve transformation.
  • We analyze the current culture and plan the ideal one.
  • We steer the healthiest and most motivating path to accomplish strategic goals and the desired culture.

Transmedia content

We create content that will have everyone talking.

  • We start conversations that increase the organizations’ engagement with their audiences. Our goal is to have everyone talking about the organization, but not just merely talking. Talking a lot and highly
  • We put worthy messages through that result in strong bonds with the target audience
  • We strengthen brand presence on the social media
  • We outline the brands’ storytelling. We want them to be able to tell meaningful stories with emotional impact.

Employer branding

We promote valuable and motivating working spaces. Spaces that are exactly what people need. We believe this is not only feasible but indispensable to achieve success and well-being.

  • We develop the Employer Branding strategy with actions that drive talent attraction and retention focused on wellness and personal and professional growth
  • We update or outline a brand value proposal that answers contextual challenges
  • We launch attractive communication campaigns to renew the organization’s spirit
  • We manage online profiles to make the impact go beyond screens.
  • We build brand ambassador networks

Corporate PR

We shine a spotlight on organizations.

  • We boost online and traditional visibility by using customized strategies about relevant topics. This leads to the company’s positioning.
  • We manage end-to-end relationships with the press
  • We elaborate Sustainability Reports
  • We plan brands’ and institutions’ presence on the social media
  • We produce corporate blogging 


Training and coaching

We are moving 24/7 to capture soft skills which are vital in an ever-changing world.

  • We figure out the environment’s needs and prepare executive training sessions to work on communications and relationship skills
  • We design and teach e-learning courses
  • Individual or group coaching  

See below the skills we can help you acquire:

Empowering leadership
Developing empathy, trust, and motivation skills is paramount to encourage autonomy and agility within a working team.

Leadership has become crucial to inspire people amid so uncertain times and the communication is undoubtedly proof of good management. No leaders or leadership would exist if there were no communications.

Effective communication
We train communication skills to assertively and clearly put messages through. Thus, we can avoid misunderstandings or rumors.

Digital training
We offer training sessions on social media strategic use and training for brand ambassadors to strengthen their influence through social media.

The secret of good leadership is effective and affective storytelling, rapport, and motivating people.

That is why we coach leaders to tell meaningful stories, stories that cause impact. We help them overcome their limitations and find themselves comfortable when they interchange with their environment.

We provide them with improvisation tools and teach them concentration, relaxation, and vocalization techniques.

Finally, we customize training sessions to create a personal communication style, strengthening speech skills with specific ends.

Reputation and crisis

We strategically advise senior and middle managers on damage prevention and reputation in a crisis.

  • Issues Management 
  • Crisis communication
  • We make up protocols and messages to minimize negative perceptions of collaborators at adverse scenarios

In addition to our advice to the leadership team, we synergically design internal and external communications strategies + key messages in processes like:


Cuts and restructuring in organizations.


Company’s exit of different markets, or separation of brands and business units.  


Organizational transformation of processes, roles and/or structure.


Cuts, recessions or economic setbacks that require a new organizational order.

Supporting SMEs

We understand SMEs culture and strengthen them in their processes and challenges. 

  • We manage change and cultural transformation
  • We design Human Resources processes and proceedings
  • We offer leadership coaching sessions
  • We make up and manage digital presence strategies
  • We work on branding and multimedia design
  • We create webs and social media

Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing diversity used to be merely a plus, today it is a must. It is a conviction for organizations to be more equal, transparent, and fair.

  • Promoting gender-based and diverse cultures as well as accessible cross-level processes is necessary to guarantee the organization’s well-being
  • We diagnose and make up action plans, protocols and policies
  • We offer sensitivity training and gaming workshops
  • We initiate gender-based campaigns
  • We train on inclusive language (use of words and images)


We help organizations redesign to fit into the three sustainable development dimensions: social, environmental and economic.

  • We define or redefine the organizational purpose
  • We design or redesign high impact business models
  • We measure and manage Triple Impact
  • We elaborate sustainability reports
  • We accompany the entire SDGs management

Corporate Wellness

These days, health and well-being have become vital to guarantee the organizations’ sustainable growth and their people’s comprehensive care.

Remote work given the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase of anxiety, sadness, depression, lack of sleep, exhaustion, and the well-known burnout syndrome. In abcom we are there for you, walking together towards the creation of a healthy organization.

  • We run well-being diagnoses
  • We develop Wellness Programs
  • We design communications strategies and campaigns
  • We help leaders create healthy environments


We help you create your brand’s DNA and make it memorable.

A brand encompasses each and every feeling, experience, and perception people have towards it.

  • We define the organization’s vision, mission, values, and personality
  • We work on the brand’s promise, attributes, and differentials
  • We focus on the positioning, key benefits, and communication tone