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  • “ABCOM and us have become a single team, characterized by professionalism and kindness, they always attend to our requirements, add value and offer creative alternatives."
    Rodolfo Marín Gironella -External Communications Analyst. BBVA.com
  • “In abcom we found a professional partner that brings in a fresh vision to improve and enhance our communications and thus, achieve our goals".
    María Jose Quartero, Employee Experience SR Manager. BBVA
  • “It is a pleasure to work with the ABCOM team, they are really professional and always go the extra mile for us providing 360 support. Always ready, caring and willing to work as a team”.
    Camila Mazziotti , IC Analyst. MASTELLONE
  • “The whole ABCOM team helps us with our communications. They are always available and bring in great ideas, advice, and strategies”.
    Micaela De Vedia, Marketing and Communications Responsible. ASEGURADORA DE CAUCIONES
  • “Abcom is an outstanding working team, they see the whole picture which goes beyond internal communications. They are always willing to collaborate and seek for the best results“.
    Alejandra Rojo, Head of Internal Communications.LA ANÓNIMA
  • “In a nutshell, I can say ABCOM team members are professionally human! Working together has been a positive experience, they helped us in our cultural and business evolution where communication has been a key driver to have conversations, information, impact and inspiration for the GIRE internal audience. For us, it is really important how they listen to us, their empathy, their timing. They are always there for us with a good quality answer. They can do so because they work from a human standpoint, apart from the professional one.”
    Adrián Barreto, Sustainability and Corporate Communications Manager.GIRE
  • “Tailor-made proposals. New ideas. Enriching interchange. Empathy. These are some of the words that describe ABCOM’s great work”.
    Gabriela Fernández Carrera, Innovation Team.GRUPO MURCHISON
  • “We enjoy working with ABCOM as they give us a different perspective and help us develop comprehensive strategies focused on people ”.
    Florencia Bazzi, IC Analyst.LA SEGUNDA SEGUROS
  • “They are a professional and human team. They offer simplicity and kindness as well as an outstanding adaptation capacity and speed”.
    Juan Pablo Fornasari Market Access & Government Affairs Manager.ROCHE DIABETES CARE
  • “They helped us outline our YAMMER launch strategy, we worked on those axes and put it in practice amid the pandemic. It was an absolutely successful case”.
    Silvana Fucci, Experience, Client, Marketing and Communications Manager.METROGAS
  • “They are the best: organized, creative, reliable. They help us make things happen”. “Thanks to ABCOM accompaniment, we achieved the best results in internal communications”.
    Eleonora Koren, Head of Internal Communications and Environment.ASE CONECTA
  • “It is an outstanding group of people passionate for communications. They strongly believe in what they do, and do it with conviction and consistency. They provide innovative and creative solutions with enormous impact which translate into the results we get”.
    Cecilia Simari, Sustainability and Corporate Communications Leader.GIRE
  • “ABCOM gives you a solution as soon as they meet you in the introductory meeting, they always have an idea. Interchanging ideas and proposals with them is what enriched us the most, they add value to our company’s activity”.
    Francisco García Maritano, Internal Communications Specialist.CNH INDUSTRIAL
  • “The working team promptly helped us face our challenges and set up a plan”. “We wish to carry on like this as strategic partners, and hope to maintain this relationship in the long run”.
    Rafael Barbadillo, Head of Employment, Development and IC.GRUPO BOLDT